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"Each one of us can make a difference; but, together, we make change."
– Barbara Mikulski

GuideStar Silver Seal of Transparency

The American Association of International Healthcare Professionals is registered with GuideStar® and has been recognized with the Silver Seal of Transparency.
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Charitable Status

The American Association of International Healthcare Professionals, Inc, is a nonprofit organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Membership fees and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Benefits of Membership

When you become a member of AAIHCP you become a member of an organization committed to your professional success and committed to advocating for you and your role as a healthcare professional.

You can take great pride sharing the fact that you are a member of the American Association of International Healthcare Professionals with colleagues and employers.

Your membership is even verifiable online.

Additionally, members receive…

  • •  EXCLUSIVE access to AAIHCP programs and services
  • •  Hands-on clinical rotations for healthcare students and professionals
  • •  Professional healthcare certifications
  • •  Continuing professional education programs for healthcare professionals
  • •  International credential verification service
  • •  EXCLUSIVE access to AAIHCP's private Facebook groups
  • •  Discounts on AAIHCP meetings and conferences
  • •  Special Group Discounts on useful products and services from national providers

Types of Membership

Individuals are invited to apply for one of three (3) types of membership in AAIHCP:

  • Regular:  Regular membership is open to any individual who is engaged in a professional healthcare career (see below) in the United States.
    Regular Membership Fee:  $30 per year
  • Trainee:  Trainee membership is open to any individual who is actively engaged in a training program or pathway (in the United States) targeting a professional healthcare career (see below) in the United States.  [Medical residencies and/or fellowships (and/or similar required, post-graduate, pre-licensure practical training) qualify as "training" for the purposes of this membership type.]
    Trainee Membership Fee:  $10 per year
  • Associate:  Associate membership is open to any individual who is not otherwise eligible for Regular or Trainee member but who is interested in supporting those engaged in and/or pursuing professional healthcare careers in the United States.
    Associate Membership Fee:  $30 per year

AAIHCP defines a "professional healthcare career" as an occupation which aims to provide and/or support the delivery of medical care (meaning those efforts made to maintain and/or restore physical, mental, and/or emotional well-being) to individuals and/or to a community, practiced by an individual who has…

  • 1) Completed specialized education and/or practical training
  • 2) Earned an Associate's degree (or the equivalent) or higher, thru such education and/or training
  • 3) Been awarded either a License to Practice and/or a Professional Certification by a nationally recognized authority

This includes those careers generally known as the "allied healthcare professions" as well as healthcare administration and population/community health menagemenr (aka public health).

†  Note: AAIHCP reserves the right to make changes to membership types, membership fees, membership eligibility, and/or membership benefits from time to time.


First:  Select a Membership Type
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Note: You will receive a receipt (in US-dollars) and your membership certificate via email after we have received and processed your application.

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